What is WordPress and User Interface?

wordpress basics and user interface explained

Welcome to LearnWPGuide and today you are going to learn about WordPress blogging tool. earlier, you have seen the basics WordPress tutorial for installing WordPress on Hostgator, Theme, plugins, adding post, page, categories, tags etc. It is an open source blog or website creation tool, completely written in PHP language. But, it is one of the simplest, SEO-friendly and easiest website creation tool used by millions of bloggers. Even a beginner can easily follow tutorial steps and make their own blog or website without any difficulty. Here, you are going to see WordPress basics such as what is WordPress, features, user interface and their uses mainly for bloggers.

Let us get started to learn WordPress basics.

What is WordPress?

WordPress (WP) is a blog or website creation tool which helps to make your ideas into online reality. It is an open source, free content management system (CMS) which is back-boned by PHP script and MySQL programming languages. It is highly flexible and priceless CMS blog tool helps to make beautiful websites, blogs or apps as per requirements. As compared other blog creation tool, WordPress differs on Plugin architecture and template system. You can install WordPress on Web hosting like Hostgator, Bluehost, Godaddy etc.

According to W3Tech Survey April 2018, “WordPress is used around 31.8% of top 10 million websites or blogs all over the world”. It is one of the powerful CMS blog tool which is having customizable designs, easy to access & manage, seo friendly, responsive, media management, high security and performance.  These features helps to achieve users, 90% of goal as per their idea using WordPress. The 45 million plugins supports also adds-up and have great influence to meet up users requirements. It makes WP to most used weblog software compared to Drupal, Joomla and Squarespace.

The famous Websites or blogs which are using WordPress are Mashable, TechCrunch, The New Yorker, BBC America, Variety, Sony Music, MTV News, Best buy, eBay Inc, Bata, Quartz, Nokia Conversations, Ford social, Fortune, Time Inc etc.

WordPress Features Explained

Simple and Flexible

One of the main advantages of the WP are simple and flexible. You can use the WP Post editor tool similar to MS Word processor with HTML support which helps to type and publish post within few clicks. The content creation, publishing, applying certain post/page format or template easy using this weblog software.

It is also highly flexible to make blog or website as per your need. You can create personal blog, business website, photographic blog, news site, online store website, magazines site, forums, portfolio, gallery, arcade, online community site etc. The unlimited amount of WordPress themes and plugins supports helps to make websites according to your ideas.

Easy Installation and Updates

Installation of  WP is easier with good web hosting providers like Bluehost or Hostgator give installers helps to install it within 2 to 3 minutes. Other WordPress installation options are also available are using your computer (for learning purpose of weblog software), using FTP (File Transfer Protocol), using quick install (by Bluehost) and Softaculous (by Hostgator).

The updates and WordPress upgrade are always available and developer’s takes lot of efforts to make it a clean from errors, providing security and ease to use by improving the dashboard and features. you can always find update notifications on WP dashboard.

Wide range of  WP Themes and Useful Plugins

There are 3000+ free WordPress themes are available which helps to get beautiful and professional look to your blog or website as per the types. If you wish to start photography blog, you can install photography related theme within 2 to 3 clicks. The website or blog niche is important while selecting WP theme format. See How to Install WP Theme Step by Step Tutorial

Like themes, WP plugins helps to customize and make your blog integrate with social media, security, SEO, forums, gallery, spam protections and other supports. Mainly install the useful plugins which are need for your blog, otherwise it will slow down your website or blog and affects search engine rankings and loss of readers. WP plugins always helps to extend WP website or blog abilities to new level.

For example, if you want to make it more SEO friendly website or blog, use WordPress SEO Yoast plugin which premium plugin, but free features enough to power up organic traffic to site.

Write, Publish and Built-in Comments Tools

WordPress user interface is very simple and online writer is similar to your Microsoft Word document software interface. You can easily create posts, pages, insert photos, links, embedding videos etc. It also helps to categorize your posts by adding category and tags. Then, click on the single publish button to make your content live on internet.

Publish tool contains schedule feature which helps to plan for future posts. You can write several post content and schedule it for future dates, which helps to keep your Website or blog keep updated. Also you have complete control posts and decide which one is going public, private or applying password protection.

The built-in comment form helps to readers and followers to engage with your content and getting better feedback about your post from the real readers. There is lot of chance to get spam comments, so better to install Akismet plugin in your helps to avoid it.

User Management for Multi Author Sites

User tool is very useful if your blog contains lot of authors to write or start company blog. You can divide the responsibility as per the user and access like administrator, editor, contributor, author, subscriber etc. This feature helps to make an hierarchy of various positions like a company. each users have different access to WP settings, posts, pages and plugins.

Media Management

While writing articles, if you add relevant pictures or photos, it will convey your idea very easily to readers. For that WordPress provide easy addition of Media files and you edit the media within the WordPress media manager. The supporting media files are pictures, videos, documents and audio files. they are directly going to save on the web hosting of WP.


WP is not limited to English and supports over 70 foreign languages which helps worldwide coverage of this best blogging software. You can create your blog in English and can translate in to other languages using, WordPress translator plugin.

Search Engine Friendly

Without traffic any blog site or website is useless and less chance to make money with them. For making money and good traffic, search engine optimization is mandatory and with give organic search traffic. WordPress coding system is made in high quality and which helps to attract the search engines. It provides clean permalink structure as compared to other weblog software. Also SEO plugins are take care of the SEO jobs and makes your job little easier as compared with Blogspot platform.

Blog Importer Tools

WordPress is enabled with blog importer tools which helps to import a blog from other blogging platforms. It supports Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, Tumblr and WordPress.com.

Get Friendly with WordPress User Interface

WordPress Dashboard

wordpress user interface or ui wordpress dashboard screenshots

WP dashboard is the home page of the blog creation software, which shows overall things happening in your blog such as At a glance, activity, quick draft, WordPress news, recent comments, site stats etc. These items give quick overview of your blog activity, position and also informs about the new comments also.

It is just look like webpage having small left side bar, top menu bar and right main content area. The left side bar contains the all options such as posts, pages, comments, links, appearance, plugins, users and settings including dashboard button. The top menu bar shows helps to view your site, quick link to new post creation, Media, links etc. It also contains the login details of the current users at the left of this menubar. The main content area is just explained above which contains the all activities, overview of blog and more.

It integrated with different WordPress plugins like Jetpack, Yoast SEO and more to show their details also. You can also customize the dashboard by using screen options which allows removing or adding new tabs to your WP dashboard.

WP Posts

new wordpress post editor user interface

WP posts is also another part of WordPress user interface which helps to post new posts, edit old posts, categories and tags. It is located in the sidebar of the dashboard. It is just like post manager which allows to manage your published or draft articles or posts. The Post interface is looking mostly same as Microsoft word UI. You can write new posts and edit it easily in this WP user interface.

WP Pages

wordpress pages manager user interface wp ui explained

WP pages are called “WordPress Page manager” which allows you to add new static pages and edit the old one. You should add About me, Privacy Policy and disclaimer pages for your blog. It is also like WP posts and easy to write and publish. You can also create child pages for your main page using this page manager.

WP Media Manager

wordpress media manager user interface wp ui explained

WordPress media manager is user interface which allows managing the media or images for your new posts or pages. You can upload, edit, resize, and crop your media files in this manager section. It is very simple UI and easy to use and also have access from the WP posts and WP pages interface.

WordPress Comment Manager

wordpress comment manager user interface wp Ui explained

WP command manager is helps to manage the comments provided by your readers of blog. You can approve, edit, trash and spam can do through this manager. The new comments added posted by your readers is directly coming to this interface and you can decide whether it’s shown in your blog comment section or not.

WP Appearance Manager

wordpress apperance user interface wp ui

WordPress appearance manager is another cool WP UI, which helps to customize the appearance of your blog by adding graphics element to it. You can add new WordPress themes, customize, widgets adjustments, menu management and editing of your CSS files. This interface is also very easy to use and you can easily install new WP theme and change your blog appearance through this manager section.

WordPress Plugins Manager

wordpress plugins user interface wp ui explained

WordPress plugin manager helps to add varieties of plugins, which gives flexibility to your WP blog. By adding different types of plugins means that you are adding additional capability or improvements for your blog can do. This feature is special one for self hosted WordPress website or blogs.

WordPress User Manager

wordpress user manager user interface wp ui explained

The WP user manager tool helps to add different types of users to your blog. If you are creating blog and have different workers, you can use the user manger tool for providing working ID to co-workers. It also allows you to designate their designated duties such as Administrator, editor, author, subscriber etc.

WordPress Tools

wordpress tools manager ui wodrpress user interface for beginners

WP tools provide some default tool like “Press this” button and category and tag converter. Usually I am not using this WP tools. But another two useful tools contained in are “Import and Export” tools. You can import the posts form the old articles or contents form old to new blog using this. Export means you can convert your current contents in blog to export file.

WordPress Settings

WordPress settings is one of the important UI, you should know to use the WordPress platform. It contains primary settings of your blog, in which you can set the different settings for your blog. It contains different sections like General, Writing, Reading, Discussion, Media and permalinks. It also shows the installed WP plugins setting access through this WP settings tab.

These are the main and common WordPress User Interface (UI). If you understand the WP UI, then it is very easy to learn WordPress blogging software for blogging use or creating website.

Why Bloggers should use WordPress for Websites/blogs?

  • WP provides complete freedom as compared to other blog creation tools.
  • Learning WordPress is very easy task and fully user-friendly blog creation tool.
  • Wide availability of different types of WordPress themes and useful plugins for free of cost. Paid version or WP themes and plugins are available with advanced features.
  • WordPress is well known as highly secured blogging platform as compared to competitors like blogger.com, Tumblr, TypePad etc
  • WP is totally search engine optimized platform and SEO friendly, because of the code quality produces better semantic mark up which makes it attractive to most of the search engines robots in the world.
  • The developers provide regular updates to WP which provides additional features and make it easy to use.
  • Media files such as photos, inforgraphics, videos and documents helps to convey ideas better than a 1000 words article.
Minimum System Requirements

The minimum system requirement is set considering the security and proper working of the WP platform in your web hosting. Below say the conditions for the best system specification to install WordPress blog site.

PHP v5.6 or higher versions

MySQL v5.6 or higher /MariaDB v10.0 or higher versions

Apache / Nginx server

The old versions are more vulnerable to security issues and so, better to try latest versions for excellent security to website/blog.

This is all about WordPress basics which explains the key features and user interface. The customizable designs, plugin architecture, custom posts, easy to manage, high performance & security, free blogging tool and search engine friendly feature are always plus points of WP websites or blogs. Therefore, it is one of the most used blog creation tool which, helps to create stunning blogs or websites.

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