How to Install WordPress on Hostgator Step by Step Guide

how to install wordpress website or blog on hostgator

Do you want to share knowledge and experiences to the world via, Internet? If your answer is yes, one of the best method is that to create a Website or blog using WordPress. This is a WordPress installation guide which helps you to install on Hostgator cPanel hosting. Here, you can Learn WP install using Softaculous apps installer.

WordPress is free, open source content management system (CMS) which helps you to create a Website or blog. It is based on PHP script and MySQL database management system. It is mainly used in blogging for creating various types of blogs like personal, forums, portfolio, online store, review site etc. The features like WP plugins and template system make it more user-friendly and best platform for blogging. There are more than 28% of top million website or blogs are used WordPress CMS.

Before going to learn WordPress tutorial, you have to setup two main things:-

1. Buy Domain Name

You have to buy domain name (say, from best domain registrar like Godaddy or Namescheap (Recommended). Because both of them provide low price for .COM domain names.

2. Buy Hostgator Hosting Business Plan for Long term (5 Years)

Why I prefer shared Hostgator hosting business plan? Once, you getting started with Website or blog, mind will automatically filled with lot of blogging ideas. After sometime, you will surely think about another website. This is reason business plan of Hostgator Linux cPanel hosting is recommended. It especially suited for micro-niche bloggers. It supports unlimited domains, space, transfer, Free SSL, Free dedicated IP and free cPanel. You have to buy business plan for at least 2 years.

These are the main two requirements to start a website or blog in WordPress. I assume that you already have own domain name and purchased Hostgator hosting account. Let us come back to tutorial for how to install WordPress on Hostgator.

How to Make a WordPress Website or Blog in Next 5-10 Minutes

Making a Website or blog is not that much difficult with WordPress as compare to other CMS apps. Her you will see how to install WordPress using Softaculous app and Manual method using cPanel hosting.

I expect you have new domain name in Godaddy or Namescheap. For connecting Website domain with hosting account, you should copy Name servers to Notepad. It will look like these:-


After NS1 and NS2, I entered the “name” because not interest to share server name to public. You will get it from welcome email of your shared hosting account or from the “account information” section under cPanel.

Copy the each name servers and update it with your Domain Registrar (say, Godaddy). Once, you completed update, you can directly go to WordPress Installation on Hostgator hosting.

First step is to Login to your Hostagtor cPanel account by typing the username and password on required field. You can see the cPanel web address mentioned in welcome email of provider. Username and password are the given by you at time of signup.

Now, you are in Hostagtor cPanel Dashboard and you find Softaculous apps installer tab at the top of it.

hostgator cpanel dashboard interface how to install wordpress tutorial

How to Install WordPress on Hostgator using Softaculous Apps Installer

WordPress Quick Install

wordpress from hostgator cpanel hosting dashboard how to install wordpress tutorial

Click on “WordPress” from the Softaculous apps installer. It will direct you to WordPress CMS app page where you can see the features and requirements. Then, click on “Quick Install” which will direct you to WordPress Installation page.

softaculous apps wordpress installer page how to install wordpress using softaculous apps

Note: Here, I created a subdomain “” for the purpose of providing Learn WordPress Guide. This step by step tutorial help you to make a Website or blog with aid of images.

wordpress setup domain name and directory learn wordpress installation guide tutorial

You have to choose Domain Name to install WordPress CMS. If you have only one domain name associated with hosting cPanel account, it will be selected by default. It is shown in the above image. In directory section, you should left blank to get your domain name as (replace by your actual domain name).

wordpress admin user name password and email setup learn wordpress installation guide tutorial

Next step, you have to enter admin account details. You have to enter new user name, password with special character and admin email address. You can use Gmail id for the same purpose.

quick install button with email installation details learn wordpress installation guide tutorial

Enter the email id in “email installation details to” box. Click on install to WordPress to start WP installation. It will automatically install MySQL database for your Website.

wordpress installation in progress how to install wordpress using softaculous apps

You can see progress of WP install and will complete within 10-20 seconds. Then it will direct to complete installation pages with success message as shown in the above image.

final quick install sucessful page learn wordpress installation guide tutorial

Here, you will get administrative or admin URL and Website or blog URL. The login details are send to mentioned email address. Login to your email account and check the same.

Note: It will take 10-20 minutes to propagate your WordPress installation with domain name.

Click on the (replace by actual domain) to see WP login page.

wp admin login username and password install wordpress using softaculous apps

Enter username and password in respective box and click on “Login”. It will direct you to WordPress Dashboard.

wordpress dashboard fresh after wp install learn wordpress guide dot com

It is very easy to organize theme, plugins, post, page and other website setup as compared to other Blogging CMS apps.

Useful WordPress Tutorial:-

First of all you have delete sample posts, comments, change permalink, update ping list, install most important plugins and other useful settings to start blogging on WordPress. In the upcoming articles of Learn WordPress guide, you will see How to use WordPress settings and features to make own Website or blog.

Feel free to share your opinions and thoughts via comments or contact box. Thank you.

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