How to Edit WordPress Post using WordPress Editor Tutorial

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You already seen how to add a new WordPress post get published on your website. This WordPress tutorial will helps to edit WordPress post, which are already published and it is very simple WP tutorial specially made for beginners.

Let us get started see how edit a published post on WordPress.

I assume you are already installed WordPress and created website/blog; also published few articles. Now, you can go through this tutorial.

How to Edit Post Page in WordPress [Step by Step Guide]

First of all, you have to login to WP dashboard by entering username and password; you will get to dashboard page.

access wordpress posts page from wordpress dashboard

Now, move your mouse pointer to Posts on the left sidebar and click on All Posts option in appearing flyout side dragdown menu.

wordpress post manager where see all published wordpress posts

It will get you to WordPress posts page (Posts manager), where you can see all published posts.

edit option from wordpress post manager page to edit wordpress post

You have to move your mouse pointer to WordPress post as you want to edit. Then, you can see pop-up options like Edit, Quick Edit, Trash and View. See each options uses here.

 make post modifications

From these options, you have to click on Edit to access the WordPress editor. Here, you can see published WP post or article. Now, you can make any modifications such as add extra words, links to new useful sites, internal links, adding videos and images etc.

After making, necessary changes on article, click on Update option to publish post changes.

I hope you could understand how to edit WordPress post using WP post page. You can edit a published post from posts manager page by referring this WP tutorial.

How to Use WordPress Quick Edit for Blog Post

quick edit wordpress post popup option from posts manager page

From the WordPress posts page, you can access Quick Edit option by clicking on it.

quick edit wordpress post title tags catgories update option

Now, you can see popup dialogue box where you can modify post title, tags, change status (draft) etc. Then, you have to click on Update for publishing the changes.

Note: Do not make changes for slug area and it will affect your site traffic and will end with 404 error.

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How to Delete a Post on WordPress

From the WordPress posts page, you have to move mouse pointer to a published post as you want to remove or trash from the WordPress database.

trash popup option from wordpress posts page manager

From the popup options, you can see the Trash and click on it. The selected post or article will go to Trash page. It will remains there and you can restore the deleted posts.

how to delete a post on wordpress permanently from trash page

To delete post permanently, you have to click on “Trash” from the posts page manager. You can see list of trashed posts. Select the required one and click on Delete Permanently. Then, it will completely remove from WordPress database.

WordPress Post Page Options

Edit: It helps to access the WordPress post editor which contains the published article. You can make any modifications like add extra content, links, images, videos and more.

Quick Edit: You can edit Post title, slug (URL), data of publication, add password to posts and tags quickly.

Trash: It helps to delete post from posts page manager.

View: You can view the published blog post with in your website.

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These tutorials are part of Learn WordPress guide and Thank you.

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