How to Create a WordPress Page Tutorial for Beginners

how to add wordpress page tutorial for beginners

This is part of Learn WordPress Guide series and helps to make a WordPress page in WP dashboard. This WordPress tutorial is most importantly dedicated to WP beginners. WordPress page are static pages as compared with Posts (dynamic one). It is considered as a permanent post. It enabled with page templates and completely depends on the WP Themes.

Pages are not specifying any date or time of publishing and remains static with entire life of website. It also have hierarchy and you can have unlimited WordPress pages (applies for latest version) with their subpages (child pages). It doesn’t have category and tags options too.

Here, I am showing an example by creating a WordPress About page. About me page of website or blog telling the story of yours or website. It is important to add an about page helps to earn some respect of readers.

Let us get started to create WordPress page in dashboard.

How to Create a Page in WordPress [Step by Step Images]

Login to your WP dashboard by using the username and password of  WP account.

How to add pages in wordpress tutorial for beginners wordpress page

You have to move mouse pointer to Pages and flyout side drop-down menu will appear. Click on Add Page option from it.

wordpress page editor for adding about page in wp tutorial for beginners

It will direct to WordPress Page editor interface. It is similar to Post Editor except in Page attributes function. You have to read How to add post on WordPress tutorial for Add media, post editor and publish options.

Let us see each part of WordPress page in detail for adding about page.

WP Page Title and Page URL

page title about me page wordpress page tutorial

You have to enter title for the page. Here, you have to enter as “About me” as page title. When you writing title name, it will automatically generate permalink (page URL) for about page. You can see it in the above image.

Page Attributes

WordPress Page attributes are helps to apply different templates, child pages and to control the order of pages.

wordpress page attributes for templates page order and child page settings

Parent: This option controls child page in WordPress. By default, it shows “no parent”. To make child page, you should have main page and select it as “Primary” in this section. The page URL look like “”.

Page Template: It shows available page templates options. You can select either default template or full width page. You can add custom page templates using WordPress editor.

Page Order: You can give numbers to control the order if you have multiple pages. Page order is configured in alphabetical order by default.

This is all about how to create a page in WordPress tutorial and you can create about me page in it. WordPress page is static one and stay remains as permanent post. You can used to create WP pages for Privacy policy, Disclaimer, Contact Form and custom archives pages.

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I hope you could understand how to add a new page in WordPress. If you have any doubts or new suggestions feel free to share it via comment or contact form. Thank you.

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