How to Create WordPress Categories Tutorial for Beginners

how to create wordpress categories tutorial for beginner

WordPress category is a taxonomy which pre-defined with WP installation.  It is very important to make WordPress Categories, because it helps in ease of website navigation and quickly find posts under a particular topic. It helps to make different groups of posts under a broad topic and helpful for website managing or publishing different topics like News, HowTo, Downloads, Review, Weather, Technology etc. Please note this tutorial is mainly for beginners and intermediate WP users.

After installing WordPress, it have a default category named as “Uncategorized”. If you do not add any additional or edit default one, all the WordPress posts published are comes under uncategorized. Here I am going to show how to use WordPress categories to make new, edit existing ones and its URLs.

Let us get started WordPress Tutorial.

How to Add a New WordPress Category [Step by Step Images]

There is two methods for creating categories in WP and they are via WP dashboard and Post Editor. Here, you can see each of methods for learning to add new category.

Add New WordPress Categories using WP Dashboard

Login to your WordPress account using username and password.

add new wordpress categories from posts using wordpress dashboard user interface

You can see dashboard and move your mouse pointer to Posts. Then, a flyout side drop-down menu will appear and click on Categories option from it.

create wordpress catgories page form and category manager

It will direct you to categories manager page, where you can see the Add New category entry form in left side and category manager at right side.

Add New Category

add new category using wordpress categories making form

  1. Name: This is category name which will appear in your website or blog. It will show in the same way as appear on your site.
  2. Slug: This is category URL which should be entered in lowercase letters. If slug name having space, should be filled with hyphen (-). For example, If category name is “Test Category”, slug will be “test-category”. You can enter lowercase letters, numbers and hyphens. No other special characters or uppercase letters not allowed for this area.
  3. Parent Category: It controls primary or sub-categories in WordPress. If you want to create a child category, you have to select Primary category from it. This function clearly indicates WordPress categories follows hierarchy like in the pages. But the WP tags do not have hierarchy like posts.
  4. Description: You can give a small description about WordPress category, which gives overall idea for readers. It is not necessary option, because some themes may not shows categories descriptions.

After entering all these fields, you have to click on Add New Category and you can see the created WordPress category in manager area.

test wordpress category manager for editing categories

From Categories manager, you can Edit, Quick Edit, Delete and View options are available.

  1. Edit: It helps to edit name, slug, controlling parent category and descriptions.
  2. Quick Edit: You can edit category name and URL (slug) only.
  3. Delete: If you want to remove created category, you can use Delete option.
  4. View: You can view created category in your website or blog and see how it appears in it.

Add New WordPress Categories using WP Post Editor

You can create WordPress categories via, WP post editor while posting new articles. Also it is enabled with all useful features like Name, slug and parent category control.

You can see two columns in WP post editor and category section is under the second column (right side).

add new category from wp post editor user interface

Click on “Add New Category” and its additional fields will appear on drag down box.

wordpress categories using wp post editor ui

You have to enter respective fields for creating new WordPress category as explained on first tutorial. Then, you have to click on “Add New category” to create WP category. Using this method, you cannot enter description field (it is not important).

Useful WordPress Tutorial for Beginners:-

I hope you could understand how to add a new WordPress category for categorizing articles in website. If you have any doubts or new thoughts, feel free to share with us via, comment or contact form.

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