How to Add Pictures WordPress Media Library Tutorial

how to add pictures to wordpress media library tutorial for beginners

WordPress Media is one of the important addition to your article to make it interesting and more informative. Picture or image of jpeg or png formats helps to adding visual elements to WordPress Media Library. Adding image is very simple process and this WordPress tutorial helps to adding images in WordPress.

Here, I am going to explain two of uploading photo or pictures to Media Library:-

  • Using WordPress Editor
  • Using WordPress Media Library

Let us get started to add images in WordPress.

How to Add Pictures to WordPress Post or Page

Login to your WP dashboard using username and password.

Add Pictures using WordPress Editor

how to add picture using wordpress editor

Go to edit any published posts or add new post using Posts option and you can see post editor. You can see Add Media button above the Post editor toolbar and click on it.

add wordpress media page using wp post editor for wordpress upload image

Then, you can see popup dialogue box named as Add Media. Here, you can directly access the pictures from WordPress Media Library or can uploads new image files from computer.

how to add pictures wordpres post editor file upload dialogue box

Click on Select Files under the Upload Media tab.

From the appearing dialogue box, you have to browse through your computer harddisk and select desired image file (having format jpeg, gif or png) and click open.

Then, you can see that selected image has been uploaded and automatically added to WordPress media library. Also see Picture Attachment details.

Add Picture using WordPress Media Library

add pictures to wordpres media library manual from dashboard

You have move your mouse pointer to Media option, which is contained in sidebar of dashboard. From appearing side drop down flyout menu, select Add New option.

wordpress picture upload new media page

It will direct you to Upload New Media page and you can also see Select Files. It is multi-files uploader, which help you to upload multiple pictures at a time.

wordpress manual upload media file upload dialouge box

Click on Select Files and it popups a File Upload dialogue box, where you have to browse through the computer harddisk to select required pictures. Then, you have to click on Open button. The upload will starts and shows the image in media library once the upload finished. Then, you have to give image attributes like title, caption, alt, alignment etc.

Recommend: You should fill a picture Alt field with keyword. Because search engines always read the Alt text of image and appears on image search results.

WordPress Picture Attachment Details Explained

Image Title: It represents image name and you have to fill this field.

Image Alternative text (Alt Text): It helps to make the image readable to search engines. You have to enter alternative text of picture with your keyword or related to image for application of image SEO.

Caption: You can provide caption by entering on this field. It will appear just below on each picture.

Align: You can align the Left, Center, Right and none options. Try it each aligning options according to your use.

Size: You can apply Full size or custom size for image according to post. Here you have enter width and height in pixels.

Link To: You can link image to media file, attachment page or custom URL. The custom URL helps to connect external sites with image. It is useful for linking affiliate links of products in a review website. If you select None option, you can’t click on picture added to post.

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