How to Add New WordPress Tag for Post Tutorial for Beginner

how to create wordpress tag tutorial for beginner

Earlier tutorial, you have learn to add new categories and in this article, you are going to learn to add WordPress post tags. Tags are which also like a category, but not having any hierarchy for it. It represents sub topics of category and helps in easy navigation through your website or blog. This WordPress tutorial is especially dedicated for beginner level users.

How to Create WordPress Tag Tutorial

Here, I am going to explain two ways for adding WordPress post tags; one using WP dashboard and other is WordPress editor. Let us get started to create WordPress tag with posts.

How to Add WordPress Post Tags using Dashboard

posts to tags from wp adshboard how to create new wordpress tags wp tutorial for beginners

First, you have to move mouse pointer to Posts on the sidebar of WP dashboard. From the appearing side dropdown menu, select Tags option and click on it.

wordpress tags manager page how to create new wordpress tag tutorial

You will get directed to WordPress tags manager page, where you can see the existing WordPress tag already created on it. Here, you can edit each tag just like editing posts.

add new tag from dashboard tag manager page how to create wordpress tag tutorial

Under Add New Tag heading, you can see certain fields like Name, Slug and Description. You have to enter required wording as you do earlier for creating new WordPress categories.

  1. Name: You have to enter the name of WordPress tag, which will show in the tags section of your website/blog.
  2. Slug: it is URL-friendly version of tag name and should not contain any special characters. It supports lowercase letters, numbers and hyphens (for spacing between words).
  3. Description: You can add description for new wordpress tag, which explains tag is related to what subject. It will not be shown by most of WP themes, so no need to enter it.

Then, click on Add New Tag button and will create new WordPress post tags. Main advantage of this method is that you have full control over the name and slug of tags created.

How to Add WordPress Post Tags using WP Editor

This is easiest method to create WordPress tags while making the posts. But, you can’t control the slug (URL name) from WordPress editor.

Go to the new or edit existing post and will get access to post WP editor. I hope you already learned how to edit WordPress post or create new post.

add new multiple post wordpress tag How to Add WordPress Post Tags using WP Editor

WP editor is divided as two column page and you could see tags header in the 2nd column (right side of the wp editor page). You have to enter tags name in the field and click on ADD button. You can enter multiple WordPress tags and use comma (,) for separating each tags.

choose most used wp tags How to Add WordPress Post Tags using WP Editor

For choosing most used tags for your post, click on Choose from the Most used Tags. You can see the existing tags and click on each one to add WordPress tag to posts. The tags text size will varies according to usage in your multiple posts; bigger size indicates that it is most used WordPress post tags.

These are the two WordPress tutorial is to create new WordPress post tags using WP dashboard and post editor. You can edit each tags from WP dashboard by accessing tags manager page (Posts –> Tags). I hope it will helps WP beginner level people to add new post tags.

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