How to Add a New WordPress Post Tutorial for Beginners

how to add wordpress post tutorial for beginner

Creating a blog post in WordPress is the very first step on Blogging. It should be quality content WordPress Post which engage visitors and search engines in equal terms. Here, you can learn how to post on WordPress using its New Post editor feature. It is mainly for beginner level people guide who are seeking to learn WordPress.

You can see that it is resemblance to Microsoft Word editor, but more than just a word processor. Post Editor feature is combination of both Word and HTML editor with other features. WP post feature is easy to use and you will get to know how to use it for adding a blog post.

Here, I am going to show an example for adding new post in my own blog.

Normally, I wrote posts on Microsoft Word and save it my computer. And I will directly copy-paste on to WP post editor.

It would easy and prevents from losing content not saved if you experience any internet failure. It also helps to save time for writing and internet data. Whether you can use WordPress post editor or word document processor, it’s up to you.

You will learn how to add post title, post permalink, post formatting, add media to post, add links, adding categories & tags, featured image, scheduling post etc.

Let us getting started to make New WordPress Post.

How to Post on WordPress [Step by Step Tutorial]

add new post from posts in wp dashboard how to post on wordpress post

From WP dashboard, you have move the mouse pointer to Posts. Then, you can see flyout side drop-down menu and click on Add New from it.

wordpress post editor interface addingablog post in wordpress post

Post Title and Permalinks

wordpress post title creating a blog post in wordpress

It is two important part of a WordPress post. The Post Title represents the main heading and the permalink (post URL) represents address of your post after published.

post url or post permalink editing how to post on wordpress post

When you enter post title, it will automatically generate permalink (Post URL) according to title and it is search friendly URL type. You can click on Edit and remove unwanted portion using backspace in keyboard.

Add WordPress Post Content

ms word post copy

Copy your prepared content or article from MS word processor.

paste on wordpress post content editor tutorial for beginner

Paste it on post content area. It will look like in above image.

visual editor and text editor marked how to add new wordpress post

Next step is applying formatting using the Post Editor tools. It contains two editors; one is Visual editor and Text (HTML) editor.

You have to use Visual editor for applying formatting options directly on it. You can also use WordPress editor keyboard shortcuts which will ease up your formatting.

visual editor tools wordpress post editor formatting tools

Actually no need to explain it in detail, expect you already knew it. If you have any doubts  just inform via, comments.

You can apply Bold, Italics, Sub headings (heading 2, heading 3 etc), block quotes, arrange points as lists, external or internal links to posts.

Categories and Tags

These are help to make the navigation of Website or blog easy.

categories wordpress post tab

Here, you can add New category by clicking on “+ Add New Category”. You should use broad term as category name.

tags in wordpress post editor

In the tag section, you have to enter the Tag name and click on “Add” to add the tags.

Click on “Choose from Most used tags”, if you want to add already entered tag as in post.

How to Add WordPress Media using Post Editor

add wordpress media to wordpress media library wordpress post creating

Click on Add Media and select Upload tab from the appearing media page.

add media interface to upload multimedia to wordpress post

Click on Select Files or drag and drop image files on to interface to upload image files. You can add audio, video or any files can upload to it. You can view the uploaded files in medialibrary.

Featured Image

featured image or post thumbnail in wordpress post editor

Featured image or Post thumbnails is option enabled by WP themes which helps to add images in homepage with post. Post thumbnails are easy create and directly upload add from media library in WP. Also read how to install WP theme on dashboard.

WP Post Publish

You can see two columns in WP post page and you can find Publish labeled tab in right side of post editor. Under WP publish section, you see Save Draft, Status, Preview, Visibility, Publish immediately or schedule and publish options.

wordpress publish options how to add wordpress post

Save Draft: By default it helps to save draft copy of your article temporary for WordPress database.

Post Status: It shows the current status of post like as in draft, pending review or publish.

Visibility: It controls the WordPress post visibility to readers as Public, private or applying password protection.

Publish Immediately: It shows date and time at the point of publishing of post. If you change to advanced date the publish option changes to Schedule. Set the time and date for scheduled publishing of WP post.

This is all about how to add a new post in WordPress and also explains each tools in WP post editor. I hope it will help beginners to post on WordPress without any trouble. This WP tutorial is part of Learn WordPress Guide.

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If you have any doubts or new thoughts feel free to comment or message us. Thank you.

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