wordpress basics and user interface explained

What is WordPress and User Interface?

Welcome to LearnWPGuide and today you are going to learn about WordPress blogging tool. earlier, you have seen the basics WordPress tutorial for installing WordPress on Hostgator, Theme, plugins, adding…

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how to create wordpress tag tutorial for beginner

How to Add New WordPress Tag for Post Tutorial for Beginner

Earlier tutorial, you have learn to add new categories and in this article, you are going to learn to add WordPress post tags. Tags are which also like a category,…

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how to add pictures to wordpress media library tutorial for beginners

How to Add Pictures WordPress Media Library Tutorial

WordPress Media is one of the important addition to your article to make it interesting and more informative. Picture or image of jpeg or png formats helps to adding visual…

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how to edit wordpress post featured tutoria learn wordpress guide

How to Edit WordPress Post using WordPress Editor Tutorial

You already seen how to add a new WordPress post get published on your website. This WordPress tutorial will helps to edit WordPress post, which are already published and it…

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how to create wordpress categories tutorial for beginner

How to Create WordPress Categories Tutorial for Beginners

WordPress category is a taxonomy which pre-defined with WP installation.  It is very important to make WordPress Categories, because it helps in ease of website navigation and quickly find posts…

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how to add wordpress page tutorial for beginners

How to Create a WordPress Page Tutorial for Beginners

This is part of Learn WordPress Guide series and helps to make a WordPress page in WP dashboard. This WordPress tutorial is most importantly dedicated to WP beginners. WordPress page…

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how to add wordpress post tutorial for beginner

How to Add a New WordPress Post Tutorial for Beginners

Creating a blog post in WordPress is the very first step on Blogging. It should be quality content WordPress Post which engage visitors and search engines in equal terms. Here,…

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essential wordpress settings things to do aftert installing wordpress

12 Essential WordPress Settings to follow After Installing WordPress

Earlier, you learn how to install WordPress plugin and you are going to see how to setup a WordPress settings after installing it for first time. It is very important…

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wordpress plugin installation guide

How to Install WordPress Plugins Tutorial [Step by Step Images]

WordPress plugins are one of the base of the WordPress website which helps to add more features and functions to it. Earlier, we talked about How to install WP theme…

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how to install wordpress theme by using wp upload wp dashboard

How to Install WordPress Theme Tutorial for Beginners [Step by Step]

Earlier, you seen how to install WordPress on Hostgator and I hope you should completed WordPress Installation. Now, you can move to change default WordPress theme with your premium responsive…

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